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Samsung Galaxy Fit vs Fit e - Where are the differences?

Written by Lucas B | published on 17.06.2019 | no comments |
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The Samsung Galaxy Fit Series was released in 2019. These include the Galaxy Fit and the Galaxy Fit e. This immediately raises the question: Where did the two models differ?

Comparison table

Model Samsung Galaxy Fit Samsung Galaxy Fit e
HR function 24/7 HR function 24/7 Yes HR function 24/7 Yes
Display available Display available Yes Display available Yes
Diagonal display Diagonal display 0,95 in Diagonal display 0,74 in
Color display Color display Yes Color display No
Display Display Display
Battery (up to) Battery (up to) 7 days Battery (up to) 7 days
Battery Battery 120 mAh Battery 70 mAh
Waterproof / Swimproof Waterproof / Swimproof Yes Waterproof / Swimproof Yes
Waterproof / Swimproof Waterproof / Swimproof 5 ATM Waterproof / Swimproof 5 ATM
Weight Weight 24 g Weight 15 g
Build in GPS Build in GPS No Build in GPS No
Build in NFC Build in NFC No Build in NFC No
Sensors Sensors
  • Pulssensor (HR)
  • Beschleunigungsmesser
  • Gyroskop
  • Pulssensor (HR)
  • Beschleunigungsmesser
Sleep tracking Sleep tracking Yes Sleep tracking Yes
Changeable bands Changeable bands Yes Changeable bands Yes
Price (Market entry) Price (Market entry) 99 € Price (Market entry) 39 €



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Differences - Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e

Looking at the price, it becomes clear that there must be a difference. The Galaxy Fit e costs only 40 Euro. The Galaxy Fit is 100 Euro. This makes it quite clear that the Samsung Galaxy Fit is the larger version.


In contrast to the Galaxy Fit e, the Galaxy Fit has a larger colour display (AMOLED). The Galaxy Fit e does not support colors (PMOLED). The size of the small model is 0.74 inch. The Galaxy Fit has a display size of 0.95 inch.

So the whole Galaxy Fit is bigger. It is also 24 grams heavier. The small Fitness Tracker weighs only 15 grams.

At first glance, the display on both fitness trackers looks much bigger than it is. The real display is only a small part of the large looking glass.


The larger Galaxy Fit has a button on the left side. The small fit has no button for the condition. There the control is done by tapping on the display. This is known from older Fitbit trackers like Charge 2 or predecessor Charge HR.

Battery life

The battery life for both devices is 7 days. In practice, however, the battery life is significantly shorter.

The Galaxy Fit has a larger battery with a capacity of 120 mAh. The small variant Fit e has only 70 mAh. However, displays are a very large power consumer. Since the Fit has a larger and colored display, the battery life is the same.

A small aspect is worth mentioning about the charging cable. The Galaxy Fit comes with a much longer cable of 1 meter. Samsung delivers the Galaxy Fit e only with a 20 cm cable.

The recharging is done by induction. Nevertheless you need a special charging cable. Thus there is no big advantage. Possibly the Fitness Tracker goes better into the station without contacts. Both Fitness Trackers have to be unplugged for charging.

Pulse sensor (HR)

Both devices, the Fit and Fit e, have a pulse sensor built in. So even the small model doesn't get worse and measures the pulse.
Sensors and performance
In terms of performance, the Fit is slightly ahead of the Fit e and offers a gyroscope. The larger model also comes with a more powerful chip. However, this is less relevant.

Otherwise both have the mentioned pulse sensor as well as an accelerometer.

Sensors and performance

In terms of performance, the Fit is slightly ahead of the Fit e and offers a gyroscope. The larger model also comes with a more powerful chip. However, this is less relevant.

Otherwise both have the mentioned pulse sensor as well as an accelerometer.


Samsung has equipped both fitness trackers with automatic activity detection. Now a standard on most trackers. Of course, both machines can also count steps. Both models also record sleep.

Something special about the Samsung Galaxy Fit is the stress measurement. Both models offer this function.


Neither the Samsung Galaxy Fit nor the Fit e have GPS built in. However, this is the case with many small models. Most small fitness trackers offer connected GPS. The Smartphone must be carried along to be able to record distances.

Samsung offers the Gear Fit 2 Pro* in the same order of magnitude. The Fitness Tracker is older, but has a built-in GPS. A relevant difference between the Fitbit Charge 3 and Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro.


Both fitness trackers from Samsung are titled 5 ATM. The devices are waterproof up to 50 meters. The Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e are suitable for swimming.


As with the GPS, both fitness trackers do not use NFC. This also eliminates the question of contactless payment.

Samsung Galaxy Fit or Fit e - Which Fitness Tracker is better?

Overall, it can be said that neither the Galaxy Fit nor the Fit e are really good and interesting. For the prices there are clearly better devices, which offer more.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit e* trumps the market entry with a price of around 40 euros. That sounds cheap, but is reflected in the performance. The device hardly stands out from other cheap fitness trackers from China. The only advantage here is the compatibility with the Samsung app. Otherwise, the Xiaomi Mi Band is definitely a better choice.

The Mi Band 3* offers everything the Galaxy Fit can do. The circumference is even bigger. The Mi Band 4* is priced below 30 Euro and even looks better than the Samsung Galaxy Fit*, which is 100 Euro at market entry. In comparison, you can see the exact differences between Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi.

All in all I would advise against both devices. Even the older Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro* seems to be better.

If you want to invest less I advise you to take a look at the Mi Band. If you like it more comfortable and are willing to pay a few Euro more, I recommend the Fitbit Charge 3* or the Fitbit Inspire HR*. You can also take a closer look at the comparison between Charge 3 and Inspire HR.

Are Samsung Fitness Trackers Bad ?

Generally, I don't want to put Samsung in a bad light. That would be wrong. In terms of larger models, Samsung is definitely ahead.

The Smartwatches from Samsung are definitely better and also recommendable. However, we are in a completely different league in terms of both performance and price.
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