Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit & Fit e - Which is better?

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit & Fit e - Which is better?
The Samsung Galaxy Fit series and the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 are both from 2019. With the Galaxy Fit e, Samsung has launched an extremely affordable fitness tracker. For a brand like Samsung this is quite unusual. With the smaller device Samsung tried to compete with Xiaomi. But from my point of view it didn't work.

Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e

The Samsung Galaxy Fit series requires you to be careful. There are two devices, which are very different in price and function. At market launch, the Galaxy Fit is around 99 euros. The Galaxy Fit e is 39 Euro. It looks the same in performance. The Galaxy Fit e offers much less, as you can read in the comparison between Galaxy Fit and Fit e.

Mi Band 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit e

Basically it doesn't make much sense to compare the Mi Band 4 and the smaller Galaxy Fit e from Samsung.
Model Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Samsung Galaxy Fit e
Displaydiagonale 0,95 in 0,74 in
Color display Yes No
Weight 22 g 15 g
Battery (up to) 20 Tage 7 Tage
Waterproof / Swimproof Yes Yes
HR function 24/7 Yes Yes



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The Mi Band 4 has a much larger color display. The Galaxy Fit e can't handle colors and also has a smaller display. Comparable would be the older Mi Band 3, which also has only a black and white display. This is one of the differences between the Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4.

In comparison between the Mi Band 4 and the Galaxy Fit e the Mi Band 4 is clearly ahead. But in the comparison between Mi Band 3 and Samsung Galaxy Fit e I would recommend Mi Band 3. The cheap device from Samsung unfortunately doesn't perform very well.

Mi Band 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit

Let's compare Samsung's larger Galaxy Fit with the Mi Band 4 and the comparison makes much more sense. Both fitness trackers have a color display. However, the price difference is enormous. The Galaxy Fit goes to the region of 100 euros. The Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi is under 30 euros.

Model Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Samsung Galaxy Fit
Displaydiagonale 0,95 in 0,95 in
Color display Yes Yes
Weight 22 g 24 g
Battery (up to) 20 Tage 7 Tage
Waterproof / Swimproof Yes Yes
HR function 24/7 Yes Yes



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Especially in view of this aspect the Mi Band 4 is in front from my point of view. The Samsung Galaxy Fit has unfortunately no big advantages, which would justify the clearly higher price. The only noteworthy advantage is the connection with the ecosystem of Samsung regarding the Samsung Health App.


In the display, both devices are almost identical. Both have a display size of 0.95 inch. Both also have a color display. Xiaomi could have copied here from the Samsung Galaxy Fit.

GPS, NFC and Sensors

Both devices do not have a built-in GPS. None of the fitness trackers can score points here.

In the point NFC both devices are on the same level. There is a version of Xiaomi with built-in NFC. This is only the Chinese version. In addition, NFC can only be used in China. In addition, NFC can only be used in China. This is particularly relevant for contactless payment. You can find more about this in the FAQ for Mi Band 4.

Otherwise both devices have a pulse sensor and can measure the heart rate. In addition, both Fitness Trackers have an accelerometer.


Both the Mi Band 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Fit are waterproof. Both fitness trackers are also suitable for swimming. There is no difference. The Galaxy Fit e is also waterproof.

Battery life

However, Xiaomi's device is clearly ahead in terms of battery life. The Mi Band has always been known for a very long battery life. The same applies to the Mi Band 4, where the battery life is around 20 days. The Samsung Galaxy Fit is only advertised with up to 7 days. In practice, the performance is even lower.

Which Fitness Tracker is better?

I think it's quite clear that I wouldn't recommend the Samsung Galaxy Fit* or the Galaxy Fit e* .

If the price below 50 Euro is important to you, the Mi Band 4* should be your choice. Especially when it comes to price, the Xiaomi Fitness Tracker offers much more than both Samsung Galaxy Fit machines.

If you want a Fitness Tracker in the price segment between 90 and 150 Euro, I recommend a Fitbit. Especially the Fitbit Charge 3* and Fitbit Inspire HR* can be interesting for you. The Inspire HR is a bit cheaper in price and not much more trimmed in function. You can see the exact differences in the comparison between Fitbit Inspire HR and Charge 3. If you like it uncomplicated and simple, Fitbit is the better choice compared to Xiaomi.
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