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Polar Vantage M vs V - Where are the differences?

Written by Lucas B | published on 16.07.2019 | no comments |
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The Polar Vantage is available in two versions as Polar Vantage M and Vantage V. The price difference is quite big, which leads to the question where the two devices differed.

Comparison table

price-tip recommendation
Model Polar Vantage M Polar Vantage V
Pulsmessung Yes Yes
Build in GPS Yes Yes
Barometer No Yes
Waterproof / Swimproof Yes Yes
Dimension 46x46x12.5 mm 46x46x13 mm
Weight 45 g 66 g
Resolution 240x240 px 240x240 px
Color display Yes Yes
Training Load Pro With additional sensor Yes
Running Power With additional sensor Yes
Recovery Pro No Yes
Changeable bands Yes Yes



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Differences between Polar Vantage M and V

The price alone shows that the Polar Ventage V is the larger of the two models. In contrast to the Ventage M, the Ventage V is more designed for professionals. More data can be collected and evaluated. Let's take a closer look at this in detail.

Pulse measurement

Both devices are equipped with pulse measurement. Here the devices also work identically and deliver the same results. There is therefore no difference in the pulse sensor. In both cases, the pulse is measured directly via the wrist.


As already mentioned, the functionality of the Polar Ventage V is slightly larger. This concerns three of them:
  • Running Power
  • Training Load Pro
  • Recovery Pro

Running power

Running Power is a function that can record more measured values during runs. Although the function is available in both versions, it can only be used on the Polar Ventage V without additional sensors. With the small version you have to buy additional accessories, which makes the measurements a bit more cumbersome. In addition the sensors cost of course still additional money.

Training Load Pro

It is similar with the Training Load Pro. You also have this function with both heart rate monitors. But you have to use sensors with the Ventage M again. The Ventage V can measure here purely over the clock.  During the measurement your endurance and muscular load will be measured. This helps you to improve your run or other training session. You can use it to train your performance to improve and more constant workloads.

Recovery Pro

The Recovery Pro function is only available on the Polar Ventage V. Even with sensors, the small model cannot keep up. Your complete training load will be measured. So the Polar can protect you from overtraining and motivate you to more training, if it is appropriate.


In total, both Polar Ventage models have a large plate of sensors on board. You can find the whole list in the comparison table at the beginning.

Both watches are equipped with a built-in GPS and are waterproof and therefore suitable for swimming.

However, the Ventage V has an additional barometer, which is why the above mentioned functions are also possible without additional sensors.

Battery life

In the battery life the Ventage V is a bit ahead again. In training mode, the heart rate monitor lasts up to 40 hours. With the smaller Ventage M it is 10 hours less with 30 hours.
Design and display
In addition to the functions, Ventage M and V also differ in design. The large model V is slightly more robust. The watch is made of stainless steel. The 66 gram model is still lightweight, but a little heavier than the Ventage M. The small version weighs 45 grams.

There are further differences in the display. Both have a colour display. But the Ventage V also has a touch screen.


The bracelets can be changed for the Polar Ventage M as well as for the Ventage V. With the Ventage M, any 22 millimeter replacement bracelet can be selected. For the Ventage V, however, the choice is limited. Only special bracelets for the Polar Ventage V can be attached here.

Which Polar Ventage is better?

Basically the Polar Ventage V* is the better model. But also the more expensive one. It depends on your purpose which version is the best choice for you.

If you are a top athlete, train a lot and want to get the most out of yourself, then the Polar Ventage V is the better choice for you.

If you run a little less often and are more interested in an accurate recording of the values and a small analysis of your training units, then the Polar Ventage M* is sufficient. If the price difference between offers is small, you should definitely choose the larger model. Otherwise the Polar Ventage M* is sufficient for most.
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