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Beats Studio3 vs Solo3 - Where are the differences?

Written by Lucas B | published on 17.07.2019 | no comments |
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The Beats Studio3 and Beats Solo3 differ not only in the type of headphones, but also in more detail. This is also the reason why Beats Studio3 is a bit more expensive. Let's take a closer look at the differences and decide which headphones are the better choice for you.

Comparison table

Model Beats Studio3* Beats Solo3*
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Type Type Over-Ear Type On-Ear
Noise Cancelling Noise Cancelling Yes Noise Cancelling No
Foldable Foldable Yes Foldable Yes
Control Control Buttons Control Buttons
Battery life Battery life 22,0 hours Battery life 40,0 hours
Bag Bag Hardcase Bag Soft bag
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Differences - Beats Studio3 and Solo3 Comparison

Overall, the Beats Studio3 is the larger of the two models. This is quite logical due to the higher price.

Noise Cancelling

One of the biggest differences lies in noise cancelling. This is only available at Beats Studio3. If you're looking for noise-canceling headphones, Beats Solo3 isn't for you.

Noise cancelling can also be turned on and off by button and app. There's no difference in level between them, as is the case with Bose.

Battery life

The two headphones also differ in battery life. The smaller Solo3 has a battery life of up to 40 hours. The Studio3 only has 22 hours. The reason for this is the larger range of functions.

In order to listen to 3 hours of music, the Solo3 has to be charged for about 5 minutes. The Studio3 on the other hand needs 10 minutes for the same playing time. Both beats are loaded via MicroUSB.


The Beats Solo3 are on-ear headphones. The earcups do not sit around the ear, but on the ear. The Beats Studio3, on the other hand, are over-ear headphones. The earcup is completely enclosed.

It's always a matter of taste which fit you prefer. I myself prefer the over-ear. I prefer the sound that way. This is also necessary for noise cancelling.

Transport bag

The Beats Solo3 are delivered with a soft carrying bag. The Beats Studio3 comes with a hardcase. This way the headphones are better protected and won't be crushed in the luggage. The headphones are also better protected against shocks.

Both headphones come with a carabiner. With this you can attach both transport bags. This is interesting for hikes and climbing tours, for example.

Which beats headphones are better?

The differences in number are not unbelievable. But the function is clear. The Beats Studio3 trumps with noise cancelling, which is not the case with the Beats Solo3. But the smaller model Solo3 has a much longer battery life.

Because of the relatively low surcharge I recommend the Beats Studio3*. There you also get a bit more quality and a more stable carrying bag. With the Beats Solo3* you're not badly served, but you don't get noise cancelling. The difference in price also depends on the choice of the respective model. Some designs are slightly more expensive. But on average it's about 50 Euro.
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