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Written by Lucas B | published on 17.01.2020 | no comments
ABOX massage gun - review & test The ABOX massage gun is one of the bestsellers of cheap massage guns on Amazon. A good reason to have a closer look at the device and to take it into the test. How good is the ABOX massage gun? Is the model a good alternative to brand products?

Technical data of the ABOX massage gun

Battery life Up to 5 hours
Transport case Ja
Heads 4
Heads, list
  • Standard ball (hard)
  • Thumbs
  • Fork
  • Board
Exchangeable battery Yes
Battery can be purchased separately No
Strokes per minute 1.200 - 3.200
Levels 20
On / Off switch Yes
Weight 870 g
Buy ABOX massage gun*

The ABOX massage gun in test

Let's take a closer look at the massage gun from ABOX* in detail.

Scope of delivery

The ABOX massage gun* comes in a cardboard box, which does not give a bad impression at all. In the box is then the massage gun in a transport case. Even with some brand products the transport case is not included.
Scope of delivery of the ABOX massage pistol Scope of delivery of the ABOX massage pistol Briefly the complete scope of supply as list:
  • ABOX massage gun
  • Transport case
  • 4 interchangeable attachments
  • Charging cable
  • Manual (Several languages)

Transport case

A quick word about the transport case. As already mentioned this is not always included even with branded products.
The ABOX mass pistol in transport case The ABOX mass pistol in transport case Basically the case is not bad, but higher quality products stand out at this point. The high-quality cases offer considerably more order. Also the places for the accessories are better designed.


The battery is advertised with a runtime of up to 5 hours. Of course, the runtime strongly depends on the level used. The higher the level, the more the battery is used.

In contrast to most of the cheap devices the ABOX massage gun has a changeable battery. However, there is one disadvantage. You cannot buy the battery separately, which makes the advantages a bit more difficult. I got the information from the manufacturer myself.
The ABOX massage pistol has a replaceable battery (not available separately) The ABOX massage pistol has a replaceable battery (not available separately) Let's nevertheless go into the two theoretical advantages of the replaceable battery.

If the battery is empty, the device can be further used by changing the battery. In this case, the battery is charged independently of the mass pistol.

The second point refers to a defect. If the battery is no longer functional, only the battery and not the complete massage gun must be replaced.

According to the company Flow Sports Technology the exchangeable battery is a rather high cost item in production. This is the reason why many manufacturers permanently install the battery in the cheaper models.


The ABOX massage gun is supplied with 4 heads. These are the classic attachments among the massage guns:
  • Standard ball (hard)
  • Thumbs
  • Fork
  • Board

For most applications this selection is sufficient in any case. The attachments are also compatible with those of other manufacturers.


The device of ABOX stands out a little from other cheap massage guns. You get 20 levels. That is a big choice. Most have only 3 levels.

The strokes per minute range from 1,200 to 3,300, so you won't get more sleep power than most other devices. You can just make the dosage a little smaller.

From my point of view this is not really necessary, but it is worth mentioning. I therefore do not see the 20 levels as a decisive purchasing criterion.

Volume, noise

The volume is always an issue or rather a minor problem with massage guns. Most devices are very loud. Fortunately the problem is decreasing and the manufacturers are working hard to make the massage guns quieter.

In my opinion the ABOX massage gun is in the middle of the field here. The decibel meter gives me values from 60 to 70 db depending on the level. Partly even a little over 70 db. Compared to the known Hypervolt this is even better.
Volume of the ABOX massage pistol in test with the decibel meter Volume of the ABOX massage pistol in test with the decibel meter But if we compare the ABOX massage gun with the Flow PRO or Flow PRO mini, we get better values with the Flow PRO devices. There the maximum value is 60 db.


The ABOX massage gun has an on/off switch at the bottom side. The steps are controlled by keys with plus and minus.
Operation of the ABOX Mass Gun Operation of the ABOX Mass Gun In addition, the pistol can be switched off from any state. This is a small difference to other devices. Most devices switch from the first stage to the next one with every push of a button.

Is it worthwhile to buy the ABOX massage gun?

The purchase of the ABOX massage gun* is not a bad buy. You get a very cheap massage gun with sufficient quality.

Compared to the Hypervolt I would definitely recommend the ABOX massage gun*. The Hypervolt is not really better in quality, but it costs a lot more money.

You should not forget the quality of this device. If you need the ABOX massage gun for private use, then I don't see a big problem here. In the professional area it can look different. Here also the durability plays a role.

A small note about the battery. Although the battery is replaceable, it cannot be purchased separately. So the advantages of a replaceable battery are not really given at the moment.

A look at our massage guns comparison might be worth your while.
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