Mi Band 4 vs 5 - Where are the differences?

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Mi Band 4 vs 5 - Where are the differences? After Mi Band 4, Xiaomi brings Mi Band 5, which will take some time until the release. But there are already several announcements what will be new. Let's have a look at the differences.

Differences between Mi Band 4 and 5

As I said, these are forecasts. The Mi Band 5 is not yet available in stores.


The display of the Mi Band 5 will be even slightly larger than that of the Mi Band 4*. The display was a big difference between the Mi Band 3 and 4. There was a 20% upgrade. The Mi Band 5 now gets a 1.2 inch display. Furthermore the Mi Band 5 has a color display.

NFC for the whole world

The Mi Band 4 had also already installed NFC. So you can pay with the Mi Band 4. Access controls can also be controlled with the Mi Band 4. But this is only valid for Asia.

This will change with Mi Band 5. The Mi Band 5 is to get NFC for the whole world. There are no concrete specifications for this. Rumour has it that the Mi Band 5 will also support Google Pay. This would be an extremely good criterion and argument for the Mi Band in the 5th generation. I myself am still sceptical, as Google is not really active in the Asian region. But let's remain curious.

GPS with the Mi Band 5

A dream for the Mi Band 5 would be a built-in GPS. But I doubt that will come. It would be a big expense and would also have an enormous effect on the battery. Hardly any other fitness tracker in this size and price range offers that.

So the Mi Band 5 will probably continue to work with connected GPS. The GPS of the smartphone will be used. Therefore, the smartphone must be nearby.


As far as hardware is concerned, apart from NFC, not much will happen. So you can probably orientate yourself on the Mi Band 4* here.

The battery might get a little bigger. This will probably not affect the battery life, as the display will get bigger again. The display is usually the biggest energy consumer. However, Xiaomi will probably still keep an eye on the battery life. This is a unique selling point of the Mi Band series.

Release Date for the Mi Band 5

As I said, these are rumours and forecasts. Mi Band 5 will probably be launched in June 2020.

The sales figures of the Mi Band 4* are correct, which gives the manufacturer little reason to shorten the product cycle.

In terms of price, the Mi Band will certainly cost around 35 euros again. Another unique selling proposition of the Mi Band. Good quality at a reasonable price.
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