Garmin vivoactive 4 vs Venu - Where are the differences?

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Garmin vivoactive 4 vs Venu - Where are the differences? Together with Garmin vivoactive 4 and 4s, Garmin Venu was launched in 2019. In addition to the price, the differences between the two GPS heart rate monitors are small, but not unimportant.

Comparison table

Model Garmin vivoactive 4s Garmin vivoactive 4 Garmin Venu
Display available Yes Yes Yes
Color display Yes Yes Yes
Display size 1,10 " 1,30 " 1,20 "
Diagonal display 27,90 mm 33,00 mm 30,40 mm
Resolution 218 x 218 px 260 x 260 px 390 x 390 px
Display, length 40,00 mm 45,10 mm 43,20 mm
Display, width 40,00 mm 45,10 mm 43,20 mm
Depth / thickness 12,70 mm 12,80 mm 12,40 mm
Weight 40 g 51 g 46 g
Waterproof / Swimproof Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof / Swimproof 5 ATM 5 ATM 5 ATM
Battery (up to) 7 days 8 days 5 days
Battery life with GPS 5,0 hours 6,0 hours 6,0 hours
Musiksteuerung Yes Yes Yes
Internal music storage 1 1 1
HR function 24/7 Yes Yes Yes
Build in GPS Yes Yes Yes
Galileo Satellit Yes Yes Yes
ANT+ Yes Yes Yes
Pulse oximeter Yes Yes Yes
Build in NFC Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Payment (NFC) Yes Yes Yes
Mobile payment Garmin Pay Garmin Pay Garmin Pay



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Differences between Garmin viovactive 4 and Venu

The Garmin vivoactive 4 is available in two versions, which differ only in size. These are the vivoactive 4 and vivoactive 4s.


Let's start with the biggest and most important difference between the Garmin vivoactive 4 series and the Garmin Venu. This is the display. The Venu has an AMOLED display. Both Garmin vivactive 4 models have a MIP display. All variants have a touch display made of Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.

In the resolution we also have differences here:

Thus the Garmin Venu offers a clearly better picture. This is exactly the sense behind the model. The Garmin Venu should finally appeal to the public who value a good look. So far in my opinion a small Markel at many watches of Garmin. Especially if we look a little deeper in the price segment. Only the Fenix series has always had a better look, which is also evident in the price.


Size and weight

Both in size and weight, the Venu also stands out from the vivoactive 4 series. Overall, the Venu lies between the vivoacative 4s and vivoactive 4.
Size comparison - Garmin vivoactive 4 Serie and Venu
vivoactive 4s
vivoactive 4
Physical size 40 x 40 mm 45,1 x 45,1 mm 43,2 x 43,2 mm
Thickness 12,7 mm 12,8 mm 12,4 mm
Diameter 27,9 mm
1,1 Zoll
33,0 mm
1,3 Zoll
30,4 mm
1,2 Zoll
Weight 40,0 g 50,5 g 46,3 g

Battery life

Probably also the much higher resolution display is responsible for the lower battery life of the Garmin Venu. In comparison to the three models, this one comes off worst.
Battery life in comparison
  Smartwatch With GPS and Musik
Garmin vivoactive 4s 7 days 5 hours
Garmin vivoactive 4 8 days 6 hours
Garmin Venu 5 days 6 hours

Similarities - Garmin vivoactive 4 Series and Venu

Apart from the dimensions and the battery life, the watches have no differences. A short list of the important key data may be relevant here:
  • Waterproof with 5 ATM, suitable for swimming
  • Pulse measurement under water
  • Built-in GPS, GLONASS and Galileo
  • Altimeter, Compass, Gyroscope
  • thermometers
  • Pulse oximeter acclimatization
  • Yoga and Pilates support (improvement to vivoactive 3)
  • Music memory (up to 500 tracks)
  • Bluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi
  • Garmin Pay

Which watch is right for you?

The only difference is the size and especially the display. If you want a high resolution watch with a better picture, the Garmin Venu is your choice. However, this will cost you some battery life and a higher price.

If you are only interested in the function, then depending on the size, the Garmin vivoactive 4 or Garmin vivoactive 4s is your choice.

Overall, the Garmin vivoactive 3 music can also be very interesting for you. It is cheaper than the vivoactive 4 series. The predecessor doesn't offer much less. You can find more about this in the comparison between the Garmin vivoactive 3 and 4.
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