Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5 - Where are the differences?

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Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5 - Where are the differences? Apple Watch Series 5 - The successor of the Apple Watch Series 4. What is new? Is it worth upgrading to the new Apple Watch generation? Let's look at the differences in detail.

Differences between Apple Watch 4 and 5

At first glance, the watches are hardly distinguishable. The Apple Watch 4 and 5 look very similar. However, Apple has not yet commented on the concrete dimensions. In terms of design, however, it is assumed that there are not much differences. However, there will be considerably more colours and also other materials to choose from. It looks somewhat different with the functions of the 5th generation.

Size and weight

The Apple Watch Series 5 is still available like the Apple Watch Series 4 and also Series 3 in two different sizes. These are the Series 4 and 5 cases with 44 mm and 40 mm.
Size and weight in comparison Apple Watch Series 4 and 5
  Appel Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series 5
40 mm 44 mm 40 mm 44 mm
Size (L x W) 40 x 34 mm 44 x 34 mm 40 x 34 mm 44 x 34 mm
Thikness (D) 10,7 mm 10,7 mm 10,7 mm 10,7 mm
Weight 30,1 g 36,7 g 30,1 g 36,7 g


Compared to the Apple Watch Series 4, Version 5 is available in significantly more materials. For the Apple Watch of the 5th generation, ceramic and titanium are also available.
Material - Apfeluhr Serie 4 und 5
  Apple Watch
Series 4
Apple Watch
Series 5
Ceramics No Yes
Titanium No Yes
Stainless steel Yes Yes
Aluminium Yes Yes

The wristbands are interchangeable for both generations of Apple Watch. Also the dimension is identical here with 13 to 20 millimeters.


The Apple Watch Series 5 has a Retina Always-On display. A thing that many have long wished for. This means that the display does not switch itself off and the important information can also be read without a second hand. This is probably also the biggest difference to the older generation. In this train Apple doesn't use an OLED display anymore, but a LTPO display. The resolution remains identical with 368 x 448 pixels for the 44 mm version and 324 x 394 pixels for the 40 mm version.

Battery life

Even though Apple is banking on a better display, the Always-On display doesn't have a positive effect on battery life. Furthermore, the Apple Watch Series 5, like the Series 4, only has 18 hours battery life. Very depressing for a Smartwatch and a general problem of the Apple Watch Series for a long time. Both generations can be charged wirelessly.


The Apple Watch Series 4 has an internal memory of up to 16 gigabytes. The Apple Watch Series 5 has been upgraded here. It convinces with the double storage of 32 Gigabyte.


The Apple Watch Series 4 also has a compass on board. The Apple Watch Series 5, however, has improved sensors that make it possible to determine the position more accurately. In addition, it is now possible to see the direction in which you are looking. Additionally there are coordinates and altitude.


Even the Apple Watch Series 4 is waterproof. That doesn't change with the Apple Watch Series 5 either. Both devices are still waterproof up to 50 meters and suitable for swimming.


Emergency call

The emergency call (SOS function) has moved into the focus of many manufacturers. Apple is also following suit. With the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 5 there is the possibility to trigger automatic emergency calls when the ECG monitor hits Smartwatch. This is also possible with LTE without connection to the smartphone.

Operating system

Both watches, Apple Watch 4 and 5, are equipped with Watch OS 6. So there is no advantage for either device.

With Watch OS 6 there are a few new functions:
  • Recording of Cycling
  • General health functions
  • Function for women: Tracking menstruation and fertility

Which Apple Watch is better?

Overall, the Apple Watch Series 5 is of course better than the older Apple Watch Series 4*, but the new features are quite manageable:
  • Always-On-Display
  • SOS Function (LTE)
  • New processor (Apple S5 Dual Core)
  • Improved compass
  • Larger memory (32 GB instead of 16 GB)
  • New Materials: Titanium and Ceramics

A highlight is the Retina Always-On display. It's a pity that the battery life remains a problem with the Apple Watch.

If the price for the Apple Watch Series 5 is too high for you and you don't necessarily need the new features, the Apple Watch Series 4* still is a good smartwatch and choice.

Is it worth upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 5?

In my opinion an upgrade from the Apple Watch Series 4 to the Apple Watch Series 5 is not absolutely necessary. There aren't many upgrades, as I mentioned in the previous section. It's worth upgrading from the Apple Watch Series 3 to 5.

You get partially improved hardware, with 32 GB more storage space and the additional choice to titanium and ceramics. There's also an Always-On display, an SOS function and an improved compass.

Many new features that depend on the software will also be available for the Apple Watch Series 4. Because also this gets Watch OS 6.

Unfortunately, you won't get an upgrade in battery life with the new display. So you will still have the problem of the low battery life of 18 hours.
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