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Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus - Where are the differences?

Written by Lucas B | published on 19.11.2019 | no comments |
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The Hypervolt from Hyperice is available in two versions. First as Hypervolt and then as Hypervolt Plus. This, of course, leads to the question of the differences. Is the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus worth it?

Differences Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus

The answer is relatively short. The Hypervolt Plus has more power, but less battery power.
The two Hypervolt massage devices are identical in the remaining characteristics and also in the equipment. All features can be found in the comparison table.

Levels and strokes per second

The strokes per second are identical for both devices. Both have 3 levels and offer 34, 44 and 54 beats per second. The performance has nothing to do with the number, but with the hardness of the strokes. The Hypervolt Pro only has stronger shocks.

Battery life

The battery life is somewhat shorter due to the higher performance of the Hypervolt Plus. However, you have the possibility to change the battery on both devices. With this you can extend the battery life of both massageguns enormously. However, only one battery is included in the delivery. You have to buy additional batteries. 

Comparison table

Model Hyperice Hypervolt* Hyperice Hypervolt Plus*
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Power Power 60 Watt Power 90 Watt
Levels Levels 3 Levels 3
Strokes per second Strokes per second 34/44/54 Strokes per second 34/44/54
Battery life Battery life 180 minutes Battery life 150 minutes
Battery, exchangeable Battery, exchangeable Yes Battery, exchangeable Yes
Batteries included Batteries included 1 Batteries included 1
Attachments, amount Attachments, amount 5 Attachments, amount 5
Attachments Attachments
  • Standard ball
  • Damper
  • Thumb
  • Fork
  • Plate
  • Standard ball
  • Damper
  • Thumb
  • Fork
  • Plate
Adjustable arm Adjustable arm No Adjustable arm No
Bag included Bag included No Bag included No
Weight Weight 1,3 kg Weight 1,4 kg
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Is the Hypervolt Plus worth it?

In my opinion, the difference between Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus is very small. You get more power with the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus*, but you don't necessarily need it. The power of 60 watts with the Hypervolt* is perfectly sufficient.

Since the other characteristics are identical and you get even more battery life, I recommend the Hypervolt in the normal version*.

With both you have the identical attachments and can also exchange the battery. There is still a small, but very unimportant difference. The Hypervolt Plus with 1.4 kilograms is slightly heavier than the small version with 1.3 kilograms. Since it is 100 grams, in my opinion this is not really relevant.

I also recommend the Hyperice Hypervolt before the TheraGun G3 and also the TheraGun G3PRO. You can read more about this in the comparison TheraGun vs Hypervolt.
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