RENPHO Body Fat Scale - Review - Test, Experience and Opinion

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RENPHO Body Fat Scale - Review - Test, Experience and Opinion The RENPHO body fat scale is one of the most popular models on the market. The device is very cheap compared to well-known brands. Therefore, the question arises whether the inexpensive body fat monitor can compete with the expensive models. How accurate are the values and how good are the functions. I tested the RENPHO body fat scale for you.

RENPHO body fat scale - review & test

Let's start right away and take a step-by-step look at the RENPHO scale*. From the scope of delivery to the accuracy and use of the app. If you are only interested in the result, you can also go directly to the conclusion. I mentioned the important points there.

Scope of delivery

Of course the scale itself is included in the scope of delivery of the scale. In addition, there is a printed manual and the necessary batteries in the box. The scale is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Technical data, size and weight

Let's briefly go into the technical data of the RENPHO balance. It is very important to mention that the scale is made by Chinese, but for Europeans. This is very relevant for the measured values. This does not concern body weight, but body fat and all other values based on calculations.

The scale is suitable for adults up to 180 kilograms. The scale is not suitable for children. Here can be used if only the body weight. Limitations for height and age are not given. This is also the case with most scales.

The RENPHO from my test weighs about 1.1 kilograms. In size it measures 26 x 26 x 2.3 cm. This is the RENPHO ES-26M*. This is the smallest version of the scale. There are further variants. These differed in the optics as well as size. I hope the view of my feet on the photo does not shock too much. It serves for the clarification of the size.
Size of the RENPHO Body Fat Scale Model ES-26M Size of the RENPHO Body Fat Scale Model ES-26M You should take the measurements into account when making your selection. My model is relatively small. If you have big feet, you can reach your limits here. It is best to measure your feet in advance and choose the right model. In the offer of the RENPHO* you can also find all available sizes.


A glance at the instructions quickly reveals that the RENPHO is a classic Chinese product. In the table of contents or rather the language overview you will find "DEUSH", which actually means "DEUTSCH". However, the rest of the manual is easy to understand and not peppered with mistakes. All in all you don't need the manual, because the scale is self-explanatory. So you can read it in Enlish or German.
Small slip in the RENPHO manual (convincing in the further course) Small slip in the RENPHO manual (convincing in the further course) Besides, that's not supposed to be a prejudice. Even if the translation may not be good, it is the quality of the measurement and application that ultimately decides.

Measurement with the RENPHO

The RENPHO is not a simple scale, but a body fat scale. Also referred to as a body analysis device. Thus the scale provides more than just the body weight. This includes:
  • Body weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Fat-free body weight
  • Subcutaneous fat
  • Visceral fat
  • Body water
  • Skeletal muscles
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • Protein

The RENPHO can still calculate data from the measured values. That would be:
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • BMI
  • Biological age

Accuracy of measured values

To check the accuracy of the measured values, two factors are important:
  • Are the readings accurate?
  • Are the measured values constant when measuring several times?

For accuracy, I have taken a fixed weight (not myself). For the multiple measurement I put myself on the scale several times.

I also compared the values with the Omron BF511. Omron is a medical manufacturer and certified. The Omron BF511 is a very good scale, but it has no smart functions.

The measured values of the RENPHO body fat monitor are good and uniform. It is important, however, that the values of the body weight are taken into account. Not the body fat percentage or other analysis values. The values of the body weight do not fluctuate with several waking weights. The values also correspond to those of a calibrated scale.

Body fat percentage

With the RENPHO body fat monitor, the body fat percentage is only measured via foot sensors. Therefore the measurement should be taken with caution. You should know how a body fat scale works. This is the so-called BIA method (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis).

In short, electrical impulses are sent through the body. The resistance required by the impulses is measured. These values can then be used to calculate the body fat percentage.

The danger lies in the fact that without hand sensors the upper body is not considered completely or not correctly. The current looks for the shortest way, which in this case leads through the legs. This is a big problem especially for athletes. The well-known manufacturer Omron also tried in 2019 to launch a smart scale without hand sensors on the market. Unfortunately, this has become a failure.

For this reason I advise you to enjoy the values of the RENPHO body fat scale or other body fat scales without hand sensors with a pre-start. Basically the values should also be seen in relative proportion. So only in comparison with the values of the identical device. These are stable with the RENPHO.

In comparison to the well functioning Omron BF511, the values deviate clearly. In principle, body fat scales for home use are of course never as reliable as medical scales or a DEXA Scan. For a development of body fat the values can be used however a little.


The operation of the RENPHO body fat scale is hardly to speak of. All you can do is stand on the scale and then obtain your body weight. First it rotates a bit, then it flashes briefly and you get the result.

Values such as body fat, muscle percentage or other details cannot be seen on the scale itself. You have to download the RENPHO App.

There's a simple reason for that, though. For these values body size, age and sex are necessary. These can also only be entered using the RENPHO app.

The transfer between scale and app requires the connection between scale and smartphone. The scale is not able to transfer data to a cloud on its own, so it does not have WLAN. The scale sends the measured values via Bluetooth to the app, which then loads the data into a cloud.


The app is available for iOS and Android. Compared to many other Chinese apps the RENPHO app makes a really good picture. Hats off for this good performance.
The really well done RENPHO App on Android The really well done RENPHO App on Android The app is very easy to set up, use and understand. The language of the app is also in German.

I found the twisting between the app and the scale particularly surprising and beautiful. Even with name port manufacturers there are problems here again and again and the user comes to the limits of despair.

Setting up the app

Once the app is installed, the scale connects automatically. Now all values are transferred to the app and can be viewed. Again: I am thrilled.
Setup of the RENPHO App Setup of the RENPHO App Of course, you must always be aware of the issue of data protection. This is not the biggest issue in China. But everyone should decide for themselves.

Transmission of measured values

The app not only keeps the data for itself, but also allows the connection to other platforms. I find that very practical. What's even better is that the transfer really works.

Available connections are:
  • Fitbit
  • Google Fit
  • Samsung Health
  • Apple Health

This basically covers all important platforms. Garmin Connect is unfortunately not available. The manufacturer usually keeps a low profile when it comes to interfaces, I've already experienced that myself. Chinese will have it even more difficult to be included in the program.

Connection to Fitbit

I'm a big Fitbit fan myself and wear a Fitbit Charge 3, so I connected RENPHO to Fitbit.

Setting up the connection is very easy and quick. Everything can be controlled directly from the app. You don't have to go through a PC or other browser.

The transfer itself works easily, quickly and without any problems. Body weight and body fat percentage are transferred. More Fitbit can not represent.

Should you buy the RENPHO scale?

In the end, of course, the question of whether RENPHO can keep up with the expensive scales is of interest. If you are only interested in your body weight, then the RENPHO body fat scale is the best choice for you*.

With the scale you get a smart device, with an app that works wonderfully. In addition, you can easily transfer the values to third-party providers. In the test, the function of the app was really convincing. In addition, the scale is designed for Europeans, which is not always the case with Chinese products. This is particularly relevant for the measurements.

If you are interested in the body fat values and an exact analysis of your body values, then you must be aware of the deviations. You can use the values as a maximum as relative comparison values. If you want to have exact body fat values, then you should rather choose another scale or another measuring method. I still recommend the Omron BF511* as a scale. A small disadvantage of the Omron is the missing smart function.

When buying the RENPHO scale you should pay attention to the size. You can see the different sizes in the RENPHO scale offer*. Only design and size are different. The rest is always identical.
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