Sonos One vs Sonos One SL - What are the differences?

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Sonos One vs Sonos One SL - What are the differences? At first glance, the Sonos One and Sonos One SL look very similar. It's no wonder. Both speakers are very similar not only visually, but also technically. The big difference is the microphone, which is unique to the Sonos One. Let's look at the differences in detail and see which Sonos speaker is better for you.

Comparison table

Model Sonos One* Sonos One SL*
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Microphone Microphone Yes Microphone No
Voice controll, Alexa Voice controll, Alexa Yes Voice controll, Alexa No
Voice controll, Google Voice controll, Google Yes Voice controll, Google No
Voice controll, Siri Voice controll, Siri Yes Voice controll, Siri No
Weight Weight 1,9 kg Weight 1,9 kg
Dimension Dimension 16.14 x 11.97 x 11.97 cm Dimension 16.14 x 11.97 x 11.97 cm
WLAN / WiFi WLAN / WiFi Yes WLAN / WiFi Yes
Ethernet Ethernet Yes Ethernet Yes
Touch control Touch control Yes Touch control Yes
AirPlay 2 AirPlay 2 Yes AirPlay 2 Yes
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Differences between Sonos One and Sonos One SL

There is no difference in sound between the two Sonos speakers. They both use the same technology and therefore offer the same good quality.

Microphone and voice control

As mentioned earlier, the big difference between the Sonos One and Sonos One SL is the microphone. The Sonos One SL has no microphone. That's what the SL stands for: "speaker less.

The Sonos One SL has no built-in voice control. But that doesn't mean you can do without Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can also control your Sonos One SL via Alexa using a Amazon Echo* or Amazon Dot*. This is also true for other devices that support Alexa. For example, you can use the Google Assistant via Google Home Mini.

Sonos One has voice control built right in. It'll save you a little detour.

Network connection

Both smart speakers can be brought into your network via WLAN and also via Ethernet. So you have no difference here either. The interfaces also offer the same performance.


The Sonos One and also One SL are both moisture resistant. That doesn't mean they are waterproof. However, they can be used in the bathroom without any problems. Generally speaking, in places that are not always dry.

Weight and dimensions

Visually, the devices not only look similar. The Sonos One and One SL are also identical in their key features. Both have dimensions of 161.45 x 119.7 x 119.7 mm. The weight is also identical at 1.85 kilograms.

Which Sonos speakers can be paired?

Sonos speakers can be interconnected. This is a great feature and definitely practical. The Sonos One and Sonos One SL can be connected together. But the Sonos Play:1 can't.


Which Sonos speaker is better for you?

If you don't need voice control on your Sonos speakers, the Sonos One SL* is perfect for you. The more affordable speaker gives you the same performance as the Sonos One.

The Sonos One* only offers you a built-in microphone and voice control - Alexa and Google Assistant. However, you can also use them with the Sonos One SL. All you need is the appropriate wizards.

You even have the option of connecting the Sonos One to the One SL. This allows you to buy the more expensive Sonos One for certain locations and use the Sonos One SL in others. The Sonos Play:1 cannot be paired with either device.
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