adidas Powerlift 4 vs 3.1 - Where are the differences?

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adidas Powerlift 4 vs 3.1 - Where are the differences? With the Powerlift 4, adidas 2019 has brought the successor to the Powerlift 3.1, which is one of the most popular weightlifting shoes. The new model also includes a few new features. Surely you are also asking yourself: What is new with the Powerlift 4? What are the differences to the Powerlift 3.1?

Comparison in the overview

Model adidas Powerlift 4* adidas Powerlift 3.1*
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Absatzhöhe, Sprengung Absatzhöhe, Sprengung 15 mm Absatzhöhe, Sprengung 15 mm
Oberschuh, Material Oberschuh, Material Canvas Oberschuh, Material Synthetikleder 
Verschluss Verschluss Schnürsenkel, Riemen Klett Verschluss Schnürsenkel, Riemen mit Klett
Riemen Riemen 1 Riemen 1
Passform (im Vergleich) Passform (im Vergleich) enger, schmaler Passform (im Vergleich) weiter
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The differences in detail

Let's take a closer look at the differences between Powerlift 4 and Powerlift 3.1.

Optics and upper shoe

The biggest difference between the two Powerlift models is directly visible and lies in the design.

The adidas Powerlift 4 has a canvas upper. This is a fabric which is robust and breathable. It is also supposed to be very durable.

The adidas Powerlift 3.1 has a synthetic leather upper. The upper and tongue are made of Air-Mesh.

It remains to be seen which of the two materials will last better in the long run. Visually, the new Powerlift 4 looks a bit more stylish in my opinion. But this is quite subjective and not really important for the purpose.


The fit of the adidas Powerlift 4 is slightly narrower than that of its predecessor, the Powerlift 3.1, and some people think that the Powerlift 3.1 fits better and is more comfortable to wear. The Powerlift 4 gives a little less support in lateral stability.

Heel height

Both shoes have a heel height of 15 mm or even 0.6". This is a difference to many other weightlifting shoes. As a rule, weightlifting shoes have 0.7", which corresponds to about 17 mm.


As so often, the price for the predecessor has fallen sharply with the release of the Powerlift 4. The Powerlift 4 is priced at about 100 Euro. The price for the Powerlift 3.1 is meanwhile already available for 60 Euro (as of January 2019).

However, the choice of colours and sizes often decreases with it. As with every discontinued model, this is also the case with the Powerlift 3.1 from adidas.
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New purchase: Adidas Powerlift 3.1 or 4?

The decisive question is of course which of the two weightlifting shoes is better. Adidas Powerlift 4 or Powerlift 3.1

Based on the fit and stability in the shoe itself, the Powerlift 3.1 makes a better picture. The Powerlift 4 is a real eye-catcher.

The difference in heel height is very important. The adidas Powerlift 4 has 28 mm here. The adidas Powerlift 3.1 on the other hand has only 15 mm.

Considering the price, the older model, the Powerlift 3.1, is probably the better choice. As so often, the successor causes a huge price drop. The Powerlift 4 is about 100 Euro*. The Powerlift 3.1 is already available from 60 Euro* (as of January 2019).

If you want to save money or simply invest less, the Powerlift 3.1 is definitely the right choice for you.
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Is it worth switching from the adidas Powerlift 3.1 to the Powerlift 4?

If you already have an adidas Powerlift 3.1, I don't think it's worth switching to the Powerlift 4*. Especially since you have to decide at that point if you want to have a higher heel height.

If your Powerlift 3.1 is no longer intact, the same argumentation applies as for a new purchase. If you want to save money you can buy a Powerlift 3.1 again*.
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