Tile Mate vs Slim vs Pro vs Sticker - What are the differences?

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Tile Mate vs Slim vs Pro vs Sticker - What are the differences? The Tile Bluetooth key finder is available in different versions. These are the Tile Sticker, Tile Slim, Tile Mate and Tile Pro. The devices clearly differ in size and price. But there are even more differences. Let's take a look at the models in comparison and decide which Tile is the right one for you.

Comparison table

Image Tile Sticker Tile Pro Tile Mate Tile Slim
Model Tile Sticker Tile Pro Tile Mate Tile Slim
Dimension, width 2,7 cm 4,2 cm 3,5 cm 8,6 cm
Dimension, length 2,7 cm 4,2 cm 3,5 cm 5,4 cm
Dimension, depth 0,7 cm 0,7 cm 0,6 cm 0,2 cm
Weight 5,00 g 14,00 g 5,70 g 8,50 g
Range (up to) 46 m 122 m 61 m 61 m
Alarm Volume 55 dB 128 dB 119 dB 82 dB
IP classification IP55 IP55 IP55 IP57
Replaceable battery No Yes Yes No
Battery - CR2032 CR1632 -



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What are the differences between Tile Sticker, Mate, Slim and Pro?

The differences lie in more factors than you might think.

Size and weight

The Tile Sticker is logically the smallest sensor and measures 2.7 x 2.7 x 0.73 cm. The weight is a flabby 5 grams.

Then follows the Tile Mate with a dimension of 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.62 cm. The device also weighs the least with 5.7 grams.

Somewhat larger is the Tile Slim with dimensions of 8.6 x 5.4 x 0.24 cm and a weight of 8.5 grams. Thus the sensor has the format of a credit card.

Logically, the Tile Pro is the largest and therefore the heaviest model. The sensor measures about 4.2 x 4.2 x 0.65 cm. The weight is a little over 14 grams.

All versions remain handy.

Range and volume

The range also varies between the three devices and is of course an important factor in the purchase decision.

The Tile Sticker scores lowest here. It offers a range of up to 46 meters. The Tile Slim and the Tile Mate offer up to 61 meters. The winner here is clearly the Tile Pro with a range of up to 122 meters.

Besides the range, there are also differences in the volume of the signals. Here the range is, as you can already imagine, identical.

Waterproof (IP certification)

All Tile devices are IP-certified. The Tile Slim and the Tile Sticker trump with the highest certification. The devices offer IP57 and are therefore suitable for robust use. Among other things, the sensors can be temporarily submerged under water according to the certification definition.

The other two models have an IP55 certification. This is also sufficient for most applications. Thus the sensors are protected against splash water.


Now with the Tile Mate and Tile Pro you can change the battiere yourself. In both cases it is a button battery. The Tile Mate runs with a CR1632. For the Tile Pro you need a CR2032.

The other two models have an integrated battery, which can not be changed. The battery life is up to 3 years according to the manufacturer. If the battery is empty, you have to buy a new device.

Which Tile is the best?

The price difference between the devices is small. However, the differences in performance are much greater. Since all devices are relatively light and compact, I recommend to buy the Tile Pro*#. You will get the longest range and the loudest signal. For the small surcharge this is definitely worth it.

If you really only need a very small sensor with little olfactory range, then the Tile Sticker* is also recommended. The Tile Slim* is only worth it if you want to use the sensor in your wallet.
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