Garmin quatix 6 - models in comparison - What are the differences?

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Garmin quatix 6 - models in comparison - What are the differences? The Garmin quatix 6 series is the choice for all water adventurers. Especially for your use on boats and on the high seas the Garmin quatix 6 is the right choice. However, there are different versions of the clock. Let's take a closer look at the differences of the Garmin quatix 6, Garmin quatix 6 Titanium and Garmin quatix 6x Solar in comparison. In the end, let's decide which is the right model for you.

What are the differences?

The differences between the three models are surprisingly small, as you will see in the next points. Basically, this is also a more special version of the Fenix 6.

Bezel and bracelet

All three variants differ in the material. This naturally has an effect on the weight and also on the stability of the watches.

The Garmin quatix 6 has a stainless steel bezel and has therefore used the simplest material. Nevertheless it is of course not bad. The Garmin quatix 6 Titanium has, as the name suggests, titanium in the bezel. The same is the case with the Garmin quatix 6x Solar. So it doesn't matter if you choose titanium or 6x solar in view of the material of the bezel.

The X at the Garmin quatix 6x Solar also stands for larger dimensions. Just like the models of the Garmin Fenix 6. Thus the quatix 6x Solar also has a 26 mm watch strap. The other two versions have a 22 mm wristband. On all three models the wristband can be changed. The masts are standards. Therefore the choice for new bracelets is extremely large.

The quatix 6 is supplied with a silicone bracelet. The other two also have a titanium wristband included. But as I said, this should not be the deciding factor for the purchase decision, because you can change the bracelets and buy others.

Size and weight

In size, the Garmin quatix 6 and quatix 6 Titanium are identical with 47x47x14.7 mm. The Garmin quatix 6x Solar is slightly larger with 51x51x14.9 mm. By the way, this corresponds to the sizes of the Fenix series. Only that quatix 6 is not available as S variant.

quatix 6*: 47x47x14,7 mm / 60 g
quatix 6 Titanium*: 47x47x14.7 mm / 49 g
quatix 6x Solar*: 51x51x14.9 mm / 54 g

The Garmin quatix 6 is the heaviest version due to the material with 60 grams. The quatix 6 Titanium weighs 49 grams. The slightly larger Garmin quatix 6x Solar weighs 54 grams. The weight always refers only to the watch itself. So the bracelet excluded.

Display (size, resolution and material)

The diameter and resolution of the display of the quatix 6 and quatix 6 Titanium are 1.3 inches (33.2 mm) and 260x260 pixels. The Garmin quatix 6x Solar has a diameter of 1.4 inch (35.56 mm) and a resolution of 280x280 pixels.
Display of the Garmin quatix 6 series in comparison
  quatix 6 quatix 6 Titanium quatix 6x Solar
Material Coring Gorrila Glas DX Saphireglas Power Glass
Resolution 260x260 px 260x260 px 280x280 px
Diameter (inch) 1,3" 1,3" 1,4"
Diameter (mm) 33,02 mm 33,02 mm 35,56 mm

Despite the Coring Gorrila glass DX, the Garmin quatix 6 is the tail light in the display material section. The Garmin quatix 6 Titanium has a stable sapphire glass. The Garmin quatix 6x Solar* has the special power glass, which is also known from the Garmin Fenix 6 Solar*. The glass has the great added value that the battery can be charged via solar.

Battery life & Solar

In the battery life the quatix 6 and quatix 6 Titanium are equal. Only the Garmin quatix 6x Solar offers more here, as you can see in the table. In addition, the solar version offers more memory by charging via solar. Of course this depends on the available sun.
Battery life of the Garmin quatix 6 series in comparison
Garmin quatix 6 & quatix 6 Titanium quatix 6x Solar
Smartwatch 14 days 21 days
Solar +3 days
GPS 72 hours 120 hours
Solar +28 hours
GPS Expedition 28 days 46 days
Solar +10 days
GPS + music 10 hours 60 hours
Solar +6 hours
GPS (Saver Mode) 48 days 80 days
Solar +40 days

For the specification with solar, an application at 50,000 lux is assumed.

Scope of functions

The range of functions is identical for all three models. The only difference is the nature of the watches themselves. Therefore it does not matter for the purchase decision at this place.

Which Garmin quatix 6 is the best for you?

In my opinion, the Garmin quatix 6* is perfectly sufficient. Even the Corning Gorilla Glass DX is incredibly stable. The added value of the quatix 6 Titanium is in my opinion too small to be worth the extra cost.

The Garmin quatix 6x Solar is of course exciting with the additional battery power via the solar. However, the battery life of the other two models is in my opinion already enormously strong. A small advantage for many functions of the quatix 6 series is of course the slightly larger display. But you have to dig much deeper into your pocket. That's why I only recommend the large Garmin quatix 6x Solar* if you really have the budget for it.

With the smallest Garmin quatix 6* you are well served from my point of view. Especially since there is no difference in the functions.
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