JBL Tuner vs Tuner 2 vs Tuner XL - Where are the differences?

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JBL Tuner vs Tuner 2 vs Tuner XL - Where are the differences? The JBL Tuner 2 and the JBL Tuner XL are the successors of the JBL Tuner. In both cases, the manufacturer has made considerable improvements. Let's look at the differences between the radios in comparison and decide in the end which one is best for you.

Comparison table

Model JBL Tuner JBL Tuner 2 JBL Tuner XL
Weight Weight 440,00 g Weight 543,00 g Weight 1.150,00 g
Dimension Dimension 16.5 x 6.6 x 6.6 cm Dimension 18.0 x 7.0 x7.2 cm Dimension 14.5 x 16.7 x 10.3 cm
Display available Display available Yes Display available Yes Display available Yes
Battery life Battery life 8,0 hours Battery life 12,0 hours Battery life 15,0 hours
Charging time Charging time 3,5 hours Charging time 3,5 hours Charging time 4,0 hours
Output Output 5 Watt Output 5 Watt Output 10 Watt
Driver size Driver size 44,50 mm Driver size 44,50 mm Driver size 69,85 mm
Waterproof / Swimproof Waterproof / Swimproof No Waterproof / Swimproof Yes Waterproof / Swimproof Yes
IP classification IP classification IP classification IPX7 IP classification IPX7
Alarm clock Alarm clock No Alarm clock No Alarm clock No
Favourite memory Favourite memory 5 Favourite memory 5 Favourite memory 5
Microphone Microphone No Microphone No Microphone No
Freisprechen Freisprechen No Freisprechen No Freisprechen No
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth Version 4.1 Bluetooth Version 4.2 Bluetooth Version 4.2



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Where are the differences?

Battery life

JBL has made good progress in terms of battery life. The JBL Tuner has a battery life of up to 8 hours. The JBL Tuner 2 has a battery life of up to 12 hours. The JBL Tuner XL is one step ahead with up to 15 hours.

Of course, the battery life depends on the volume and music quality. However, this applies to all three devices, so you can use the values as a benchmark for comparison.

The charging time for the JBL Tuner and also for the JBL Tuner 2 is about 3.5 hours. The larger JBL Tuner XL has a charging time of 4 hours.

Performance (volume and room volume)

In addition to their appearance, the JBL Tuner 2 and JBL Tuner XL differ in performance. The XL model offers 10 watts output power and a driver size of 69.85mm. The JBL Tuner 2 has a driver size of 44.5mm and delivers 5 watts in output power.

This makes the JBL Tuner XL much more suitable for larger rooms and provides better sound output. The larger unit also makes a better impression outdoors.

The older JBL Tuner also has an output power of 5 watts. The driver size is also 44.5 millimetres. In general, however, the sound quality of the JBL Tuner 2 has improved.


A big difference between the new and the old devices is the IP certification. The JBL Tuner 2 and JBL Tuner XL are waterproof with IPX7.

Therefore both units can be used in humid conditions. This is already useful for use in the bathroom, for example. The JBL Tuner is not waterproof.


It's hard to miss. The display gets bigger depending on the device. The JBL Tuner XL has a very large display and provides most of the information on it. Then comes JBL Tuner 2, the smallest display with the most necessary information is provided by the JBL Tuner.

Technology (Bluetooth and USB)

In both Bluetooth and USB, JBL has raised the standard. For Bluetooth, JBL Tuner 2 and JBL Tuner XL offer version 4.2, while the older JBL Tuner has Bluetooth 4.1 built in.

The two new devices are equipped with USB-C. The older JBL tuner has Micro USB installed.

Which is the best radio for you?

Generally I recommend the JBL Tuner 2* or JBL Tuner XL*. Both are better with improved performance and larger displays. If you want to use the radio outdoors, you should use the JBL Tuner XL, which offers a much higher output power. You also get a larger display which shows you more information. This is the only difference between the two devices. Both have the same functions.

Furthermore, both new units are waterproof (IPX7), which is not the case with the older JBL tuner.

Still, you won't make a bad buy with the JBL Tuner*. Nevertheless the JBL Tuner 2* and the JBL Tuner XL offer you more. For more power, it is even worthwhile to change from the JBL Tuner to the JBL Tuner XL*.
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