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Garmin HRM Pro vs Pro Plus - What's the difference?

Written by Lucas B | published on 06.09.2022 | no comments |
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The Garmin HRM Pro Plus is the successor or rather the improved version of the Garmin HRM Pro. The differences in the comparison of the two heart rate sensors, however, is extremely small. Here, it is not even worth a comparison table. Effectively, we even have only one difference.

Comparison between Garmin HRM Pro and Garmin HRM Pro Plus

Quite obviously, the color of the two heart rate sensors already differs. The new Garmin HRM Pro Plus is white, whereas the old Garmin HRM Pro is yellow colored. But let's go deeper into the comparison:

Hardware: battery compartment

Right. The compartment for the battery has changed in the Garmin HRM Pro. The predecessor has here a closure with four screws. With the successor, you need no tool more for this in comparison. The battery can be exchanged with the bare hand. Is this an advantage?

The advantage is small in my eyes, however, there is one. By tightening the screws, there were problems with the older Garmin HRM Pro more often with the water resistance. Actually, the heart rate belt is waterproof to 50 meters (5ATM). However, if the screws are tightened too tightly, the sealing ring can be damaged and water can penetrate the battery compartment. Then that was it for now with the sensor.
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Software: pace and distance data

The biggest innovation is found rather in the software of the Garmin HRM Pro Plus. Whereby this is not an advantage, because the Garmin HRM Pro has also received this function through an update.

The chest strap can send the pace and distance data directly to a Garmin watch. Thus, the Garmin watch can still display important training data, such as pace and distance. So the training session can also be optimized by Garmin functions on the watch.

This is particularly interesting if the training takes place indoors, where no GPS connection through the clock is possible.

However, this function can thus only be used with a Garmin watch. Sending data to a Fitbit fitness tracker or a Polar sports watch is not possible.

Garmin HRM Pro Plus: Is it worth switching?

Are you in possession of a Garmin HRM Pro I see few reasons to switch to the new Garmin HRM Pro Plus*. There is only one noteworthy reason to switch to the successor: you often swim with the heart rate monitor, because the HRM Pro Plus is better waterproof.

Even if you are considering buying the Garmin HRM Pro or the Garmin HRM Pro Plus, the same rules apply. If the criterion is not relevant to you, you can also save some money by buying the Garmin HRM Pro*. If the waterproof factor is important to you, then you should reach for the newer Garmin HRM Pro Plus*.
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