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Singlet Couplet Triplet Chipper
RFT AMRAP Pyramide Gewichtheben EMOM Combo/Multi
Normal Girl Hero Event
Abs Beine Bench-Press box jump box-jump burpee carry clean Curl deadlift dip Dips extension goblet-squat jerk lunge lunges Press Pull Up pull-up push Push up push-press Push-Up row run Schulterdrücken sit-up snatch sprint Sprungkraft squat step-up swim swing thruster
Abmat Sit-Up Alternating Waves (Tau) Arnold Press (Kurzhantel) Around the head (Hantelscheibe) Back Extension (Zusatzgewicht) Back Extension Back Squat (Langhantel) Back Tuck Backward Roll Ball Slams (Medizinball) Bar-facing Burpee Bear Crawl Bench Press (Langhantel) Bench Press (Kurzhantel) Bent over row (Langhantel) Bent over row (Kurzhantel) Bicycle Sit-Up Bike Box Jump Box Jump Over Box Squat (Langhantel) Box Step-Up (Kurzhantel) Box Step-Up Breaststroke Burpee Burpee (Kettlebell (Kugelhantel)) Burpee (Sandsack) Burpee Box Jump Burpee Muscle-Up Burpee Pull-Over Burpee Pull-Up Chest to Bar Pull-Up Clean (Langhantel) Clean (Medizinball) Clean (Sandsack) Clean and Jerk (Langhantel) Clean and Jerk (Kurzhantel) Crawl (swim) Deadlift (Langhantel) Deadlift (Kurzhantel) Deadlift (Kettlebell (Kugelhantel)) Deadlift (Trap-Bar) Deadlift from the Blocks (Langhantel) Deficit Deadlift (Langhantel) Dip (Zusatzgewicht) Dip Double Arm Waves (Tau) Double Under Dragon Flag Dynamic Push Up Farmer Carry (Langhantel) Farmer Carry (Kurzhantel) Floor Press (Langhantel) Flutter Kicks Forward Roll Front Squat (Kurzhantel) Front Squat (Langhantel) Front Walking Lunge Steps (Langhantel) GHD Bench Press (Langhantel) GHD raises GHD Sit-Up GHD Wall Ball Shot (Medizinball) Goblet Squat (Kettlebell (Kugelhantel)) Good Morning (Langhantel) Ground to overhead (Langhantel) Hand Release Push-Up Handstand Handstand Push-Up Handstand Walk Hang Clean (Langhantel) Hang Clean (Kurzhantel) Hang Power Clean (Kurzhantel) Hang Power Clean (Langhantel) Hang Power Clean to Push Press (Kurzhantel) Hang Power Snatch (Langhantel) Hanging Hip Touches Hip Extension Hug-a-twinky Human Flag Inverted Burpees Jackknifes Jump and Touch Jump Rope Jumping Goblet Squat (Kettlebell (Kugelhantel)) Jumping Jack Jumping Lunge Jumping Pull-Up Jumping Squats Kipping Pull-Up Knees to Elbows L-Pull-Up L-Rope Climb L-Sit Lateral Obstacle Jump Leglever Lunge Lunges (Langhantel) Lunges (Kettlebell (Kugelhantel)) Muscle snatch (Langhantel) Muscle-Up One Arm Push Up One-legged Squat Overhead Squat (Langhantel) Overhead Walk (Langhantel) Overhead Walk (Hantelscheibe) Overhead Walking Lunges (Langhantel) Power Clean (Kurzhantel) Power Clean (Langhantel) Power Clean (Sandsack) Power Clean and Jerk (Langhantel) Power Clean to Push Press (Langhantel) Power Snatch (Kurzhantel) Power Snatch (Langhantel) Press (Kurzhantel) Prowler Shuttle (Zusatzgewicht) Pull-Up (Zusatzgewicht) Pull-Up Push Jerk (Kurzhantel) Push Jerk (Langhantel) Push Press (Kurzhantel) Push Press (Langhantel) Push Up, negative Push-Up Push-Up Hold Rack Thruster (Langhantel) Rest Ring Dip (Zusatzgewicht) Ring Dip Ring extensions Ring Handstand Push-Up Ring L-Sit hold Ring Push-Up Ring Row Rope Climb Ascent Rotational Lunge (Sandsack) Row Run (Medizinball) Run Run (Sandsack) Run backwards Run with Plate (Hantelscheibe) Russian Dip Russian Twists (Zusatzgewicht) Schwim, Dolphin Shoulder Press (Langhantel) Shouldering (Sandsack) Shuttle Sprint Sissy Squat Sit-Up (Zusatzgewicht) Sit-Up Sit-Up Benchpress (Langhantel) Sledgehammer Strike Snatch (Kurzhantel) Snatch (Kettlebell (Kugelhantel)) Snatch (Langhantel) Snatch Balance (Langhantel) Snatch Pull (Langhantel) Snatch-grip Deadlift (Langhantel) Sots Press (Langhantel) Split Clean (Kurzhantel) Split Jerk (Langhantel) Split Snatch (Langhantel) Sprint Squat (Kurzhantel) Squat (Hantelscheibe) Squat Squat Bottom to Bottom Squat Clean (Kurzhantel) Squat Clean Thruster (Langhantel) Standing Broad-Jump Stiff legged Deadlift (Langhantel) Strict Pull-Up Sumo Deadlift (Langhantel) Sumo Deadlift High Pull (Langhantel) Swim Swing (Kurzhantel) Swing (Kettlebell (Kugelhantel)) T-Bar Shoulder Press (Langhantel) Thruster (Kurzhantel) Thruster (Sandsack) Thruster (Langhantel) Toes to Bar Towel Pull-Up Triple Under Tuck Jump Turkish Get-Up (Langhantel) Turkish Get-Up (Kurzhantel) Turkish Get-Up (Kettlebell (Kugelhantel)) Underwater Swim Walking Lunge Step (Kurzhantel) Walking Lunge Step Walking Lunge Steps (Langhantel) Wall Ball Shot (Medizinball) Wall Ball Shot 2-fer-1s (Medizinball) Wall-Climb Zercher Squat (Langhantel)
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