Polar Ignite vs Garmin Forerunner 45 - Which is better?

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Polar Ignite vs Garmin Forerunner 45 - Which is better? The Garmin Forerunner 45 and the Polar Ignite are both in the 200 Euro price segment. This means that the two GPS watches are basically the equivalent products of the second manufacturer. But where exactly are the differences and which of the two watches is better? Let's take a look at the Ignite and FR45 in comparison.

Comparison table

Empfehlung für Viele Sportarten Läufer
Model Polar Ignite* Garmin Forerunner 45*
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Weight Weight 35 g Weight 32 g
Waterproof / Swimproof Waterproof / Swimproof Yes Waterproof / Swimproof Yes
Waterproof / Swimproof Waterproof / Swimproof WR30 Waterproof / Swimproof 5ATM
Recording tracks (swimming) Recording tracks (swimming) Yes Recording tracks (swimming) No
Battery (up to) Battery (up to) 5 days Battery (up to) 7 days
Battery life with GPS Battery life with GPS 17,0 hours Battery life with GPS 13,0 hours
Build in GPS Build in GPS Yes Build in GPS Yes
Galileo Satellit Galileo Satellit No Galileo Satellit Yes
Pulsmessung Pulsmessung Yes Pulsmessung Yes
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Differences Polar Ignite and Garmin Forerunner 45

Waterproof and swimming

Although both pulse watches are waterproof, only the Polar Ignite can record swimming units correctly and sensibly. Garmin can do this in general, but not with the Forerunner 45.

The Polar Ignite is advertised with WR30. The Garmin FR45 with 5 ATM.

Battery life

Polar is slightly ahead in terms of battery life. With GPS the battery life is up to 17 hours. With the Garmin Forerunner 45 it's only 13 hours.

With normal use Garmin is interestingly in front again. Here the battery life is up to 7 days. The Polar Ignite is up to 5 days further back.


The Polar Ignite trumps the Garmin FR45 with a few more sportmodes. The Polar has over 100 profiles available. The Garmin Forerunner 45 also differs from other Garmin pulse watches in this respect.

With the Garmin FR45 there are the following modes, which are also available with the Polar Ignite:
  • Running
  • Treadmill
  • Running laps (Inside)
  • Bicycling
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Cardio (general)
  • Elliptical trainers
  • Stair climbing
  • Yoga

Special features of the Polar Ignite

The Polar Ignite stands out especially due to its many sports profiles. The swimming is to be emphasized still particularly. Additionally the polar Ignite has the Polar FitSpark. Garmin provides support for training and regeneration.

Special features of the Garmin Forerunner 45

The Garmin Forerunner 45 offers the Body Battery Score as an alternative to FitSpark from Polar. Here, too, the manufacturer makes suggestions for optimising training and rest periods.

ANT+ is one of the biggest differences between the Polar Ignite and Garmin FR45. Only with Garmin it is possible to connect a chest strap via ANT+. This is very relevant for a more exact pulse measurement. With Polar only the measurement via the wrist is available. This is of course also available with the Garmin FR45. It is interesting to note that there are no watches with ANT+ from Polar.

Galileo satellite lifts the Garmin even further from the Polar Ignite. Polar only has GPS and GLONASS. This gives Garmin one more option and offers a little more accuracy. Polar's methods are also completely sufficient.

Which GPS watch is better?

Let's come to the crucial question which of the two GPS watches is better. For pure runners the Garmin Forerunner 45* is the better choice. Garmin offers a few additional functions. These include ANT+ and Galoleo Satelit for track recording. At this point you might want to take a look at the differences between the Garmin FR45 and FR245. With the slightly larger Forerunner 245*, you can get more features for just a little extra cost.

When it comes to different sports and more general use, the Polar Ignite* is your choice. It covers a much wider range of sports. Of particular interest here is the swimming option, which is not available with the Garmin FR45.
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