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All Fitbit badges in the overview For special achievements you will be rewarded with badges at Fitbit. For steps, floors, distance and weight reduction you will receive such awards. There are daily as well as life goals. Of Fitbit itself, however, there is no overview of all badges, which is why we have here the complete list of all Fitbit badges with pictures for you.

Daily steps

There are 18 badges for the daily step goal. At the beginning the jumps are a little bit smaller, but with time they get bigger and bigger. The first badge is for 5000 steps a day. The highest award for daily steps is 100,000 steps in one day. Whoever manages to do it definitely deserves it. If you receive it, I would be happy to comment.
Image Daily steps English German
5.000 Boat Shoe Bootschuh
10.000 Steakers Turnschuh
15.000 Urban Boot Stadtschuh
20.000 High Tops Knöchelschuh
25.000 Classics Ausgehschuh
30.000 Trail Shoe Wanderschuh
35.000 Hiking Boot Bergstiefel
40.000 Cleats Stollenschuh
45.000 Snow Boots Schneestiefel
50.000 Cowboy Boots Cowboystiefel
55.000 Platform Shoe Plateauschuh
60.000 Blue Suede Shoes Blue Suede Shoes
65.000 Ruby Slippers Zauberschuh
70.000 Spring Loaders Sprungfederschuh
75.000 Genie Shoes Dschinnschuh
80.000 Futuristic Kicks Leuchtstiefel
90.000 Rocket Boot Raketenstiefel
100.000 Olympian Sandal Olympionikensandale

Daily floors

Also for floors there are rewards for daily performance. There are 14 badges, which become more demanding over time. The badge for 10 floors in a day, hill, probably everyone will receive quickly. The title rainbow for 700 floors in one day will probably receive but few.

Image Daily floors English German
10 Happy Hill Hügel
25 Redwood Forest Schwarzwald
50 Lighthouse Leuchtturm
75 Ferris Wheel Riesenrad
100 Skyscraper Wolkenkratzer
125 Rollercoaster Achterbahn
150 Stadium Stadion
175 Bridge Brücke
200 Castle Burg
300 Waterfall Wasserfall
400 Canyon Canyon
500 Volcano Vulkan
600 Mountain Berg
700 Rainbow Regenbogen

Total distance

There are no badges in the overall performance for steps. For the distance is counted and rewarded in the sum with 18 different badges. The first thing you can get here is the marathon badge for 26 miles, which is 16 kilometers. The 18th award is the Pol to Pol badge, which you can earn with a total of 12,430 miles (7,724 kilometers).

Image Total distance English German
26 mi
42 km
Marathon Marathon
70 mi
113 km
Penguin March Pinguinwanderung
250 mi
405 km
London Underground Londoner U-Bahn
350 mi
567 km
Hawaii Hawaii
500 mi
811 km
Serengeti Serengeti
736 mi
1.193 km
Italy Italien
990 mi
1.605 km
New Zealand Neuseeland
1.600 mi
2.594 km
Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef
1.869 mi
3.030 km
Japan Japan
1.997 mi
3.238 km
India Indien
2.500 mi
4.053 km
Monarch Migration Monarch Migration
2.983 mi
4.837 km
Sahara Sahara
4.132 mi
6.700 km
Nile Nil
5.000 mi
8.107 km
Africa Afrika
5.500 mi
8.918 km
Great Wall Große Mauer
5.772 mi
9.359 km
Russian Railway Russische Eisenbahn
7.900 mi
12.809 km
Earth Welt
12.430 mi
20.154 km
Pole to Pole Pol zu Pol

Total floors

The floors are also counted over the entire period and rewarded with badges. There are 9 gradations. It starts with the helicopter badge for a total of 500 floors. The highest badge here is satellite for 35,000 total floors.

Image Total floors English German
500 Helicopter Helikopter
1.000 Skydiver Fallschirmspringer
2.000 Hot Air Balloon Hei??luftballon
4.000 747 747
8.000 Cloud Wolke
14.000 Spaceship Raumschiff
20.000 Shooting Star Sternschnuppe
28.000 Astronaut Astronaut
35.000 Satellite Satellit


There are also Fitbit badges for weight loss. However, the manufacturer was not as creative here. There are no names and no nice pictures. Only the color changes from the badges. Staggered the whole thing in steps of 5. Presumably, no distinction is made here between kilograms or pounds.

Special badges

In 2016 as well as in 2017 Fitbit was able to get very special badges. These were only available at specific times and can no longer be earned later. I'm not sure if that was only the case in Germany. I also translated the names of the special badges.

Goal Day 2016 - "Lord of your goals"

In May 2016, you could earn the special badge "Lord of your goals". The whole thing went under the # GoalDay2016. It was about surpassing the personal goal. This only happened on 21 and 22 May. It would be nice, of course, if Fitbit starts such projects again.
52/5000 Lord of your goals 2016 - Badge of Goal Day 2016 52/5000 Lord of your goals 2016 - Badge of Goal Day 2016

Goal Day 2017 - "Goal Day"

In 2017 there was a less creative name here. The badge was baptized here "Zieltag 2017". Also this event took place again in May. Here again it was necessary to surpass one's own goal. However, one could also cheat here and set the daily goal for one day badly down. Whether you want to fuck yourself is of course up to you.
Fitbit Goal Day 2017 Fitbit Goal Day 2017
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The distance values in Kilometers are not accurate. For example, 4132 miles = 6650 kilometres; not 6700 as stated on the webpage.

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