TheraGun G3PRO vs G3 vs liv - Where are the differences?

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TheraGun G3PRO vs G3 vs liv - Where are the differences? TheraGun was one of the first manufacturers of massage pistols and is still a very good brand. In the assortment there are however different executions. These are TheraGun G3, TheraGun G3PRO and TheraGun liv. Through the prices it is clear which device can do the most. But where exactly are the differences?

Comparison table

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Empfehlung für Professionell Privat
Model TheraGun G3PRO* TheraGun G3* TheraGun liv*
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Levels Levels 2 Levels 2 Levels 1
Strokes per second Strokes per second 40/29 Strokes per second 40/29 Strokes per second 40
Battery life Battery life 75 minutes Battery life 60 minutes Battery life 45 minutes
Battery, exchangeable Battery, exchangeable Yes Battery, exchangeable No Battery, exchangeable No
Batteries included Batteries included 2 Batteries included 1 Batteries included 1
Maximum force Maximum force 27 kg Maximum force 18 kg Maximum force 14 kg
Attachments, amount Attachments, amount 6 Attachments, amount 4 Attachments, amount 2
Attachments Attachments
  • Standard ball
  • Damper
  • Thumb
  • Cone
  • Wedge
  • Big Ball
  • Standard ball
  • Dumper
  • Thumb
  • Cone
  • Standard ball
  • Damper
Adjustable arm Adjustable arm Yes Adjustable arm No Adjustable arm No
Bag included Bag included Yes Bag included Yes Bag included Yes
Weight Weight 1,4 kg Weight 1,2 kg Weight 1,1 kg
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Differences between TheraGun liv, G3 and G3PRO

Already the price shows that the TheraGun G3PRO is the elite model with the most performance. The TheraGun liv is designed for the simplest application.


It starts with the number of attachments. The TheraGun G3PRO comes with 6 attachments. The G3 only 4 and the TheraGun liv only 2.
TheraGun attachments in scope of delivery
  G3PRO G3 liv
Standard ball Yes Yes Yes
Dampers Yes Yes Yes
Thumbs Yes Yes No
Cones Yes Yes No
Wedge Yes No No
Big ball Yes No No

However, the TheraGun G3 and G3PRO attachments are compatible. So you can buy more attachments for the G3. The same applies to the G3. With the TheraGun liv you have to be satisfied with the two attached attachments.

Number of levels

The G3 and G3PRO of TheraGun have the same number of stages. Both have 2 speeds. That's 40 and 29 beats per second. The TheraGun liv offers here only one stage with 40 beats per second.

All three models differ in maximum power. The G3PRo offers up to 27kg. The G3 up to 18kg and the liv up to 14kg. The stroke length of all three models is 16 mm.

Battery and battery life

Only the TheraGun G3PRO offers an exchangeable battery. Two batteries are also included. The G3 and liv have a built-in battery. This means that the device cannot be used any longer when the battery is empty. The complete device has to be charged there. There is also no possibility to buy further batteries for the smaller variants.
  • G3PRO: 75 minutes per battery
  • G3: 60 minutes
  • liv: 45 minutes

The battery performance of the three models also differs. The G3PRO is clearly ahead with 75 minutes per battery. The G3 has a battery life of 60 minutes and the TheraGun liv only 45 minutes.

Adjustable arm

The G3PRO stands out from the other two models with an adjustable arm. This gives you better accessibility to all places. In my opinion not absolutely necessary. But it's a feature that sets the G3PRO apart.

Which TheraGun is best for you?

Let's come to the crucial question: Which TheraGun should you buy? In my opinion, the TheraGun G3PRO* is only relevant for professional use. I am thinking of practices of physiotherapists or something similar. The exchangeable battery and the longer battery life can be particularly advantageous there.

For normal use, a battery life of 60 minutes with the TheraGun G3* is completely sufficient in my opinion. If you are interested in the larger selection of attachments, you can also buy more for the G3.

The TheraGun G3 is the best choice for most. It offers the most advantages and is cheaper. The TheraGun liv*, on the other hand, has a few limitations, but isn't bad either. There, however, you are limited to two attachments and have a battery life of only 45 minutes as well as only one step at the speeds. That's why I recommend the TheraGun G3*.
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